Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We Are The Suburbs

Unless you’ve been living beneath a rock, you’ve read at least one story in the past couple of years about America’s growing obesity problem.

I honestly didn’t give the issue much thought until recently; I don’t have children, and I was raised by a mother who didn’t allow processed foods in the house. Weight simply wasn’t an issue in my family. We lived on a farm, and spent a good part of every day on outside chores. Weeding and chopping wood and feeding the animals were such effective calorie burning measures that we scarcely had enough meat to cover our bones.

When I lived in San Francisco, the scarcity of parking was incentive enough for me to walk nearly everywhere… walk to a movie, the grocery store, the dry cleaners. I was out and about – moving around – much of every day.

Then I moved to Novato. And now I understand what all the fuss is about.

Like many other suburban communities, Novato is composed of a loose network of strip malls and shopping centers with mega-store anchors. Safeway and Bell Markets dominate the grocery landscape. There are dozens of Mc-Burger-Junior places, countless pizza joints and many large chain restaurants. The fact is that is just plain difficult to eat in a healthy, conscious way in this town. And forget about walking to do your errands... everything is so spread out that it makes driving everywhere an absolute necessity.

I’m not writing about this issue to harsh on Novato, or to be negative, only to open the discussion about the real issues facing suburbanites.

These aren't just the musings of a spoiled former city dweller; these are complex problems that have contributed to a shocking nationwide increase in obesity and its related diseases. Just try to find a quick, healthy lunch in Novato when you’ve got 30 or 45 minutes. You’ll have to be creative; there aren’t any places that I’ve found with anything to grab and go, so that leaves the organic sections of the grocery markets. Sadly, most are anemic displays with shriveled vegetables and fruit that looks like it fell of the truck on the way to the store.

Safeway has been remodeling their stores with ambient light and fake wood crates and “rustic” signage to give the stores a more healthy feeling, but most of the goods are the same old chemical and high-fructose-corn-syrup laden junk wrapped up in pretty packages.

After several years without even considering a Whopper, I’ve succumbed to the drive-thru window four times in the last four months. That might not sound like much, but it was probably more trans fat than I should have had in 10 years. It made me wonder: what if I was a working mother with hungry kids in the back seat? Would I have the energy and time to drive up to Petaluma or down to San Rafael just to access more healthy options? I might some of the time. Other times, I quite likely would not.

It seems that a group of Novato residents had similar thoughts 18 months ago, and formed the Novato Healthy Foods Coalition. Take a look at their web site, and click on the Survey Results. Check out the fact that 32% of Novato residents have a household income of between $101,000 and 150,000.

I would wager a guess that much of the money in those households that is earmarked for dining, groceries and entertainment is being spent outside of Novato. And that adds up to quite a chunk of change.

In 2004, The NHFC launched a letter writing campaign in 2004 to bring Whole Foods and Trader Joes to Novato. It seems that they have succeeded. Trader Joes is under construction, and the plans for Whole Foods were just approved.

But it wasn’t without a fight; the drama that ensued over the Whole Foods project was Shakespearean. People literally came out of the woodwork with objections. One afternoon, as I was flipping through cable channels, I found the local access Novato channel. They were showing one of the community meetings regarding the WF Project. One woman got up and expressed her opinion that the store would create “vertical sprawl.” Vertical sprawl? Are you going to lose your view of Chevy’s? Or am I missing something here?

Whole Foods is not a cure-all; it is simply one store, and it has its flaws. I'm not naive enough to think that this is the Big Answer. But I was truly astounded by the backlash that this project created .

In following the story, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with what makes a community vibrant & exciting & healthy. The suburbs are full of amazing, creative people with money to spend, so there is no shortage of incentives. Did anyone read the November issue of 7x7 Magazine? They had an outstanding piece in there about the urban planners who are envisioning the new neighborhood area on Folsom Street, east of SoMa. They, and many others both in the US and certain European countries, are dedicating a great deal of brain power to this notion of dynamic, integrated communities. Now if they can direct some of their energy towards the suburbs, we might be able to see some healthier patterns emerging in the coming decades.

Grocery stores with healthy food options are only one piece of the puzzle. I’ll write more about some of the other aspects next time.


At 1:10 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Hi Jennifer, I think this is a very important issue. I've lived in small towns in Oregon that don't have a single hidden gem anywhere to be found, the only groceries you could get were from the gigantic Fred Meyer store downtown, and the only newspaper that businesses advertise in say they were 'printed on recycled spotted owl.' Luckily, I moved away as quickly as I could, but I know what you're feeling. Novato sounds like a bizarre place...I wonder why the residents are so dead set on keeping things how they are - especially if the average income is so high? I'm interested in hearing the progress that happens through concerned citizens like yourself. Good luck!

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous SickOfSnobs said...

Hey Jennifer, if you dislike Novato so much, why don't you move back to San Francisco?

In the fast food department Novato has 2 Taco Bell's, 2 Burger Kings, 1 Carls Jr., 1 KFC/LJS, 1 Jack in The Box, and 2 McDonald's.

Chain restaurants? By that you must mean Fresh Choice, Chevy's, IHOP and ... hum, what else?

As for pizza, well, what can I say, they're all very busy.

There are numerous independantly owned restaurants here. Maybe you should get off that high horse that you brought from San Francisco and leave well enough alone.

Novato, sadly has a lot of low incomed individuals, disabled, seniors and it is people like you who come in and try to bring something to our city that does not belong.

Trader Joe's was a terrific addition, but Whole Foods has already destroyed the beauty that drew so many to Novato in the first place ... and they have not even started building yet!

I have lived here since 1993, moved from the East Bay and let me tell you the culture shock did not wear off for five years.

I'm hoping that as I read more of your blog I will find that you have moved ... to, oh, I don't know Mill Valley, or Petaluma.

Leave Novato and what little charm it has left alone.

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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